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With comments on some of the projects / pieces

Marqués de Riscal Wines

Turning an old wine into an avant garde experience

Marques de Riscal Wines had a perception problem: it looked old and expensive. And on the burgeoning market of Dominican wine drinkers, that made the brand unappealing, especially when compared with some of the tastefully designed labels of some entry level wines.

Our Solution:
After researching both the history of the winery and the realities of the market, we decided to associate the brand with its motherland: Spain, a land that is both very traditional and very modern. Spain: home to great modern designers and architects and, at the same time, to the oldest restaurant and some of the oldest cave paintings in the world.

We created Marques de Riscal ads that bottled Spanish modernity. In addition, the brand hosted a series of art and design events that helped solidify its new slogan: “Like Spain, traditionally avant garde”


Reinforcing brand loyalty on a small budget

Our Client, Orange Telecom, came to us with a problem: Internal polls showed that the administrative employees didn't feel like they were part of the company, and it was affecting their performance. They wanted to launch an internal campaign to boost brand loyalty, but they didn't have a budget allocated to this.

Our Solution:
We decided to expand what was originally planned just for the Administrative branch and go bigger. We interviewed employees from every single department in the company during small breaks created by their supervisors. With the employees’ input, we explained in simple words and actions what their position was and we conveyed their passion for what they do. Then we had photoshoots and proceeded to make drawings to complete the idea.

Not only this was a resounding success, it is now used as a best practice for internal communications for Orange worldwide.

Hatuey Soda Crackers

Adding flavor and playfulness to a soda cracker.

We were tasked with creating a campaign that demonstrated the possibilities of Hatuey Soda Cracker, a type of food traditionally associated with "those that either are on a diet or sick" in the Dominican Republic. 

Our Solution:
We created a series of ads showing some of the countless combinations that you could make using Hatuey as a base. To reinforce the message, a series of in-store promotional actions and cross-product offers was activated. Thus we made and proved our claim that Hatuey “tastes like your imagination.”

Brugal Rum

The client tasked us with making a series of ads promoting Brugal during several sport seasons.

Our Solution:
Using Brugal's iconic "fish net" bottle cover, we created a series of pieces that linked the brand to the sport that was being promoted.

Palacio del Cine Cinemas + AMEX

More for bang for your boom

The clients wanted to attract more Amex cardholders to the Palacio del Cine Cinema chain. In order to do that, they decided to offer a 20% discount on tickets and purchases from the concession stand for Amex Holders, which they needed to advertise efficiently.

Our Solution:
We created a series of ads that used specific movie genres to offer 20% more “Boom,” “Wow,” “No!,” etc. with the use of the Amex card.


We created this piece encouraging people to "take the longest route" to reinforce Jeep's position as an adventure vehicle.

Referencia Labs

The client wanted to follow up on Referencia's previous campaign, whose slogan was "results are more than just numbers."

Our Solution:
We expanded on that idea, creating a series of ads that showed what lab results really mean to people: hope, control, planning for the future, and the chance to make changes in order to get a better quality of life.

Referencia Labs

We played on the double meaning of the phrase "being your type" to create these ads and promote blood donation in the Dominican Republic. 

The headline reads: "if they're your type, you can save their life"

Corona Beer

Taking over Happy Hours.

Our client wanted to make Corona Beer relevant during happy hours, which are usually dominated by harder drinks in the form of cocktails.

Our Solution:
With the client, we devised a series of activities and promotions during happy hour in different bars around the city. We also created a series of billboards to hammer the idea that Corona is a relaxing after-work beer with the slogan: "find your beach".

Digital / Integrated

UNICEF's alguien.do

Helping the youth of the Dominican Republic understand who they are.

Alguien (Spanish for someone/somebody) is UNICEF's campaign to help the youth of the Dominican Republic understand and accept themselves while learning how to protect themselves from predators and from any form of abuse both on and offline.

Prior to the launch of the website, we designed a campaign with examples of self-acceptance and a follow up dealing with abuse and neglect that coincided with the launch.

In addition, we had a series of experiential marketing actions in schools, malls, and cinemas to spread the message and get the target audience to visit the website.

Bon Ice Cream

Ice Cream and you, a most delicious match

We created a Tinder profile for Helados Bon, the most popular ice cream brand in the Dominican Republic. If you swiped right and presented a screenshot of your match in any Bon store, you would get a free ice cream.

During this promotion, over 500 hundred people swiped right and brand engagement on other social media went up 200%.

Presidente Beer

The karaoke Fridge:

An integrated campaign.

In order to participate users first had to register their social media accounts.
Users had to sing in order to unlock the fridge and win VIP tickets for the Presidente Music Festival, live performances by local artists, free beer, and promotional products.

Presidente Beer

Because Dominicans even dance to the ads

Radio Presidente:

An online Streaming station / Promo app hybrid that allowed users to listen to their favorite artists and genres while also giving them a chance to win concert tickets, merchandise, apparel and free beer.

During this action’s lifetime, brand engagement on social media went up 65% and followers 20%.

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